Our Label

The art of wine

When our owners Jeanne & Mervyn embarked on their new venture with Domaine des Jeanne, the whole process seemed to develop organically and in a very short space of time. How we got our label is a typical example of how our JJ journey has evolved… 


Our very first label for our wine was designed by artist Paul Huxley, a Royal Academician (RA) of Britain’s eminent Royal Academy of Arts.

Mervyn was Chairman of the RA of Art in London when he became friends with the Treasurer Prof Paul Huxley. We decided to ask him to create our first wine label as RAs are among the greatest names in contemporary British art today. With very little persuasion, Paul accepted the commission to design the label for our new wine. The end result was absolutely stunning.

Our ethos for Domaine des Jeanne is not only about the art of winemaking but also the natural fusion of art and wine. The colours are elegant, bright and sophisticated which underlines luxury and the lively, upbeat nature of our rosé wine which is also reflected in the fresh, lively flavour. This natural fusion is typified in the eye-catching, contemporary, elegant label which adorns our wine.

To better understand this fusion of creative winemaking and art, here Paul explains his pivotal part in our story and his love of wine in general and our rosé in particular:




“I was absolutely delighted when I was approached by Jeanne and Mervyn to design a wine label for the new business… and so when invited, I enthusiastically agreed. It was an extremely brief brief! I was given the freedom to create something from the heart for the new rosé wine. For inspiration, I imagined Mervyn and his wife Jeanne feeling happy sitting on their terrace in the sun sipping their wine.”

- Paul Huxley

Label to Logo

Paul Huxley’s design on our label has evolved, as we have, over the years… It has now been adopted as the logo on the bottom right hand corner of the labels of each of our bottles. Click on each image in our Gallery below to see how it has evolved:

Prestige Rouge 654 x 654 - Our Label


The red Prestige Rouge label is the Coat of Arms of Mervyn, Lord Davies of Abersoch. His motto is “To Dare is To Do” which happens to be the same as his team: Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

Mervyn is as passionate about Sport as he is the Arts. He was previously a Director of Spurs and is currently Chairman of the Lawn Tennis Association in the U.K. and the Northern Hemisphere’s Non-Executive Director of the World Rugby Union. All of these sports are represented in the Coat of Arms on our Prestige Rouge label.

He is also Director of Glyndebourne and TALENTBANQ and Chairman of Artfarm. This love of art, and all that it encompasses, is inextricably intertwined with our Domaine Des Jeanne wine. 




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